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The Meow Brothers... Find A Home

When a cuddly cat named Chester is left out on the streets after his owners move away, he must search for food and shelter all on his own. Luckily, an animal-loving girl named Madison finds the sweet boy and quickly makes it her mission to care for him every day. It isn’t long until a clever cat named Barnaby appears! Now the kitties must learn to get along with each other! As they face a chilling snowstorm on the way, will Madison be able to rescue the duo, take them to the veterinarian, AND bring them inside her warm home?

This heartwarming tale is based on Bruno’s true experience of rescuing the abandoned cats who become the real “Meow Brothers”. The beauty of the human-animal bond is celebrated in this compassionate story. And it reminds children of the value of second chances and to believe that things can always change for the better.

Important Themes
• Treating animals with Kindness, Respect, and Compassion
• Responsibility is Rewarding
• Promotes Cat Rescue and Adoption
• Demonstrates Proper Veterinary Care
• Showcases Friendship and Trust

• A positive story that is easy to follow
• Vibrant digital illustrations on every page

This Picture Book Is Perfect For
• Children ages 4-8 beginning to read and children of ANY age!!
• Animal Lovers
• Cat Lovers
• Pet Owners
• Families considering pet adoption
• Parents
• Teachers
• Librarians
• Veterinarians

How Kids Can Enjoy This Adorable Story
• As fun bedtime reading
• As an introduction to responsible pet ownership
• As a learning experience about homeless animals, rescue, and the adoption process
• As an educational way to increase literacy
• As encouragement to help out animals in their communities and beyond

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The Meow Brothers to a special child in your life!